Pittock Mansion: Portland, Oregon


I drove by the Mount Calvary Cemetery and wondered what the Pittock Mansion would be like. It has been about a year now since I moved to Oregon and I've had an itch to get out and explore the local landmarks and really start to learn about the history of this new city I call home. The history of the Pittock family is truly amazing and if ever in the area, I highly recommend that you visit this landmark. The mansion itself is stunning to say the least. The views are incredible, the architecture is impressive, and the simple wonder of what it may have looked like back in the early 20th century as you walk the grounds leaves you speechless. 

The Pittock mansion is a must see landmark for anyone on a visit or a local Oregonian that has not yet had a chance to visit. You might even be surprised to learn a thing or two about this unbelievable mansion and the story it has to tell!